Being a Busy Mom

Being a Busy Mom
  • 12.11.2012
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It’s quiet, finally. Being a mother to a five year old and a step-mother to a fifteen year old, makes this house rather loud. Time seems to fly by and one of the things I work toward everyday, is the end of the day. My bed. Sleep. Of course, the happiest moment of my day is when I pick up my daughter and she quickly begins to tell me her day. Everything about her day and I see her smile. That is the highlight. From the moment everyone is home until every stomach is full and every tooth is brushed, habitually becomes a blur. I want to make more moments during that hectic time, slow. I want to make it something every member looks forward to not something to get through just to get to bed.This blog is created to help busy mothers find creative ways to express their love to their families and how to gain that precious time we so desperately need to reconnect with them. It will cover cost saving measures for everything from groceries to parties. Basically, I will share my experiences with my blended family-how to make it work successfully, build a uniformed bond with a blended family as well as the tribulations that having a blended family can cause. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing your thoughts and questions too. Let’s make this a place for positive thoughts and advice. Here’s to the beginning of an insightful blog.

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