Making Time When You Have No Time

  • 02.02.2013
  • Posted by Hayley
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Recently, I have started working as a video editor/animator for a local Tampa based company as one of their freelancers. Now usually, when I freelance, I do the work at home. They prefer their freelancers to come into the office. This makes doing what I have to do, so much more difficult. I have to prioritize all of my jobs accordingly and I do so very well when I work from home, but when I have to go to a location and leave my already set up, ready to go environment-it makes life a little crazy.

I have to factor in time for getting ready, child care, parking, meal planning and it is much more like a typical working mom scenario. Not having that little bit of freedom from working at home, makes time so much more demanding and important.¬†Usually, I can work on a couple of projects at the same time-bounce back and forth between them and get them done quickly. If something is rendering, I can work on something else. But this is no longer an option when you work at location. I am usually very good at juggling multiple tasks when I am at home but found myself now double booking, meaning that I must think there are two of me to be in two different places at the same time. Not good. I promised Havyns’ school that I would help out with their school pictures, planned on being there the whole day. I made this promise months ago. Then, I agreed to go in to work for that same day. When I realized I did this, thanks to Havyn pointing out that she was excited for the pictures the next day, I was in uh-oh mode. Quickly, I emailed my contact and said I had to reschedule. Now, many might say that I am crazy for giving up a paycheck for volunteer work, but these kids look forward to seeing me. I would not and could not let them down. It was difficult work, class pictures and individual pictures but it was so rewarding. The time I spent with them was worth a million bucks! All of the smiles I received were payment enough. Maybe this post isn’t about how to schedule your time, but just about how to prioritize what time you have in a way that makes you fulfilled and that you did something that really matters.

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