I am scared. Among other things, I am an artist, photographer, cook and most importantly; I am a wife and mother.

Imagine having the most precious, most beautiful family and being able to see every crooked smile, misplaced hair, every time there is a twinkle in their eyes. Now imagine not. Not being able to see that smile whenever you want, not being able to see the emotion on your child’s face. Multiply this fear now because you NEED your eyes for your lively hood. This is why I am scared.


Sight is a gift, a wonderful privilege – not a God given right. The moment you wake up and can no longer see the light, is the moment you see the clearest. Having experienced blindness, I am so grateful for this wonderful gift being returned to me. I take mental pictures of everything and when I think of all the things I let pass by before without doing that, it makes me wonder what quality of life did I really have? My photographs capture that specialness, that moment, that feeling you don’t want to lose.


I have over ten years experience in Broadcast Design and Branding, Graphic Design, and Photography. I have worn many hats and held many titles but the one I am most proud to wear is Mother.


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